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Permit-free extension, Vogelwijk The Hague

About three weeks after completion, Dirk-Jan (the contractor) and I are sitting together on the bench in the extension. The client stands in front of us with an iPhone in hand. With the push of a button, the large skylights are darkened and the beamer and the 3 x 2 meter film screen drop silently from the ceiling.

The movie begins; the opening scene of Saving Private Ryan pops out of the 12 speakers of the Dolby Atmos 3D home cinema sound system. You feel if you're trembling in the middle of the largest cinema in The Hague, but in fact are not even a meter away from your own garden. Mission accomplished!

The wish list for the extension was really long. A lot of conversations, sketches and calculations were needed to arrive at a volume where most wishes could be realized within the set budget.
Then came the challenge of shaping the planned volume with the explicit requirement to erect a light, sustainable structure. It has become a high-quality insulated, timber-frame construction with external wall insulation.
The design of the extension refers to the 1930s architecture of the existing house, but in special dark gray tones, the extension behaves like a 'shadow' of the original house.

aanbouw vogelwijk Den Haag
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