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Designing pleasure



Most people live in homes designed, built and formerly occupied by others. These homes have a past and often do not fully meet the needs and requirements of the new owners.
As a designer my assignment is to ensure that a home does 'fit' the current residents to the fullest.


After my studies at the Royal Academy of Art, I gained experience as a project architect at various architectural firms in small and large scale housing projects, commercial spaces, shops, offices, various interiors and, for example, the repurposing of a national monument.

Since 2010, I have committed myself fully on designing living spaces and homes with Urban Habitats.


I design homes and remodellings with a clear functional design, with correct proportions and beautiful use of daylight. I like to work with ornaments and color. Functional alone however is not enough in my experience; living spaces should also be exciting and sensual.

Therefore pleasure is for me the first thing that clients can expect from my work.

Camilo Ridderplaat, architectural designer

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