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  • Design²

  • Construction drawings³

  • Building permits⁴

  • Construction supervision ⁵

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home¹ remodellings
internal remodellings
structural interventions

home¹ expansions
rear extensions
other expansions
roof extensions
home¹ interiors
interior design
new-build homes¹
detached houses

¹ 'home [the ~ ; -s; house, dwelling] 0.1 a usually closed construction in which one can live. 0.2 building intended to be lived in.

² design [the ~; -s] 0.1 drawn or sketched plan for a building, area or interior, made by an architect or designer for consideration by the client, who can ultimately have the design executed.

³ 'construction drawing [the ~; -s] 0.1 the constructional and structural elaboration of a design. 0.2 determining and specifying all materials to be used. 0.3 recording by means of overview and detail drawings.

building permit application' [a ~] 0.1 application for an environmental permit; preparing all necessary documents for a regular building permit application.

  'supervising the construction process [the ~ ] 0.1 choice of contractor(s)/suppliers and requesting for quotations. 0.2 instruct contractor(s) and supplier(s) 0.3 represent the client and contact during the construction process.

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