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Layout for a new build apartment
The Hague

And then suddenly it's time. . . you're moving from a romantic home in the Statenkwartier in The Hague to a modern new build apartment. That will take getting used to. No more floors, fewer rooms and of course a lot less cosy, not?!

The assignment was therefore to design a pleasant layout for the apartment, in which the furniture from the previous home will be fitted in. The challenge was that this furniture was chosen for a traditional living space with an ensuite separation, but will now be placed in a large open plan living space with a glass facade.

The solution came in clearly demarcating the different zones. For example, there will be a room divider with a fireplace between the dining and sitting area. The existing seating furniture is combined with a large new corner sofa and placed on a large rug. An existing closet (heirloom) is incorporated into a custom niche, providing the perfect backdrop to the new seating area.

The bathroom is opened up. A large wardrobe acts as a partition between the bed and the bath. Not only a luxury, but also very pleasant in use.

indeling nieuw appartement
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