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'Roof Garden' in the heart of Delft

A few years after the completion I received a phone call from the owners: Milo if you want to see it one more time, you have to come now; the House has been sold. Not coincidentally to the neighbors who came by when it was just finished and immediately said: oh, if you ever. . .

Together with the client I am on the roof, or rather in the roof garden. The weather is nice. Fantastic views of the 7 towers in the area. We enjoy in silence. It stings my eye. I see that it does not leave the client untouched as well and he then says; We did this beautifully together didn't we? It's such a very nice compliment.

Years earlier I went for an interview for 'a dormer window' or something. It turns out that the clients are looking for a solution for the fact that he wants to continue living in the center, but she is ready for a house with a garden. During the brainstorming, the idea arises to build a roof garden on the flat roof of their current upper house.

The design is a nod to the traditional classical environment, but then executed in steel, glass and even plastic. Classic = symmetry; by placing the facade of the 'green house' (the all-glass roof extension) in line with the obliquely build front facade of the whole building, the new structure appears to be in the middle. A classical optical illusion.

dakopbouw daktuin Delft
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