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Starter home in
heart of The Hague

In the center of The Hague, next to the Royal Stables, there is a monumental garden with a red beech tree, which is also called the Couperusboom.

An unused passage from the Maziestraat to this garden will become the site for a new-build starter home.

Two worlds come together in the design of this compact house; the classic appearance arises from the neighbouring buildings in the Maziestraat, a nationally protected cityscape.

But construction wise the house is ultra modern. Built with a light timber frame structure, insulated with an external wall insulation system, window frames with triple glass, all electric, so gasless, a ground-coupled heat pump, for underfloor heating and hot water, working on energy generated by solar panels placed on the roof, etc. etc. a sustainable start towards the future.  

Maziestraat nieuwbouw starterswoning
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