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Villa Curacao
Grote Berg

In the spring of 2019 I finally visit the very first home I designed in commision. I admire the perseverance of my clients who have literally build their dream and took over 16 years to do so.

In the house, all openings are placed in such a way that the Trade winds (East Passat) can do its cooling work, there are nice shadow spots under raised building parts and the larger glass surfaces are recessed. Perfectly adapted to the tropical climate.
A fitness room, a guest house, a large kitchen diner on the ground floor directly connected to the covered porch, spacious 'air-cooled' bedrooms, a carport for several cars and a magnificent roof terrace with sea views.


In the concept phase we briefly thought about a phased design, but the clients had a dream; a villa, a bit of Miami, modern but with a twist: Caribbean Modernism.

vrijstaande woning ontwerp
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