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Design for a detached house in Hoorn (NH)

Most houses are not actually 'designed' in the normal sence of that term; they are produced using tested methods of construction and building forms that have evolved into traditions over time. (Nicolas Pople, Experimental Houses)
Many of those homes give a familiar and safe feeling, but do not necessarily correspond to the current way of life, family compositions and technological possibilities.

In the design of this detached house, a balance has been sought between those traditional values and a more contemporary view. For example, a semi-open veranda is linked to the kitchen, which means that the outdoor season can be extended. The volume of the first floor protrudes over the ground floor, keeping the large glass section at the rear out of direct sunlight. There is a 'porch' where you can sit outside dry all year round. The different spaces, each with its own character, are organized as autonomous places that are in open connection with each other. As a result, there is always mutual contact with each other. The design of the garden also plays a role in the functional and architectural experience of the home.

This house was commissioned by former project developer Joh. Smit who, as a retirement gift from the Municipality of Hoorn, was allowed to guide two young architects in designing a dream house for the Pissarrohof in Hoorn.

architectuur vrijstaande woning
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